QODCS-Z/M-B301-02 50-P

Item no.: 84065794
Description: Q-ODC-2-Socket hexagonal, MM, gen.3
  • 2 fibres, singlemode or multimode
  • Compact design with 2 x 1.25mm ferrules
  • Built-in socket with square or hexagonal flange
  • Robust push-pull coupling mechanism - two clearly defined mating states
  • Highest outdoor installation safety
  • Waterprrof, dust proof and corrosion resistant
  • Waterproof protection caps available
  • EMI protected
  • RoHs compliant
  • Fulfills performance standard IEC 61753-1 cat. E
General data
Compliant with: IEC 61753-1 Cat. E
Family: Q-ODC
Weight: 0,0508 kg
Colour: Metal
Tuning in steps of: 90 deg
Number of fibres: 2
Housing material: Brass
Mechanical data
Operation temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C
Mating durability: 200
Optical data
IL 97%: 0,5 DB
IL typ.: 0,2 DB
Environmental data
Free of halogen:
RoHS compliant:
REACH compliance:
UV resistance: