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Item no.: 85095926
Description: Test cable ruggedized, 18 GHz, SUCOFLEX 526S, SMAm/Nm, 1000mm
Marketing Description: SUCOFLEX 526S microwave cable assemblies set a new measurement standard through 26.5 GHz
Product Category: Microwave Cable Assemblies
Product Family: SUCOFLEX 500
Product configuration
Type Cable: SUCOFLEX 526S
Type Description Connector A: SF_11_SMA-501
Series Connector A: SMA
Gender Connector A: plug
Shape Connector A: straight
Type Description Connector B: SF_11_N-501
Series Connector B: N
Gender Connector B: plug
Shape Connector B: straight
Length (mm): 1000
Length Type: REF to REF
Electrical data
Impedance (Ohm): 50
Max. Operating Freq. (GHz): 18
Min. VSWR: 1,25
Max. Insertion Loss (dB): 1,4
Signal Delay (ns/m): 4.3
Propagation Velocity (%): 77
Min. Screen Effectiveness (dB): 90
Max. Screen Frequency (GHz): 18
Phase stability vs. Flexure (<=°/GHz): 0.2
Mechanical data
Diameter Cable max. (mm): 7.7
Min. Bend. Rad. Static (mm): 25.4
Flex Life (cycles): 100000
Weight (kg): 0.21
Enviromental and general data
Operating Temp max (°C): 73
Operating Temp min (°C): -55
2011/65/EC (RoHS): compliant
2012/19/EU (WEEE): relevant
2006/1907/EC (REACH): compliant