Item no.: 22652112
Pattern class: 31
3D model:
Catalogue drawing:
Description: Adaptor jack/jack
Highlights: Precision adaptor
For Test & Measurement applications
Adaptor configuration: within series
Standard Interface 1: IEC 60169-16_MIL-STD-348A/402_CECC 22210
Standard Interface 2: IEC 60169-16_MIL-STD-348A/402_CECC 22210
Remarks: Operating specification acc. IEEE Std 287: temperature 13 °C to 33 °C
Mechanical data
Interface 1: N-precision
Gender 1: jack (female)
Interface 2: N-precision
Gender 2: jack (female)
Number of matings: 500
Weight: 0,0387 kg
Electrical data
Impedance: 50 OHM
Interface freq. max. (GHz): 18
VSWR Constant: 1,03
VSWR Frequency max. (GHz): 18
VSWR Gradient: 0.01
Enviromental and general data
Operating temp. min.: -55,0 °C
Operating temp. max.: 70,0 °C
2011/65/EC (RoHS): compliant
Interface 1
Interface 2
Ordering information
Available packagings: Single