Item no.: 85015454
Description: 2-way Wilkinson splitter with one DC path blocked
Environment: indoor
  • This Wilkinson style power divider has been designed for 10 W low power applications where output isolation is preferable over lowest possible loss. The wide frequency range of this design allows use with multiband antennas and leaky cable systems.
  • For one designated output the DC path is blocked, which makes this splitter suitable to split a GPS signal with DC bias voltage from a cellular signal. Unit will be shipped with mounting bracket and hardware attached to divider.
  • This model has been designed and tested to meet the following standards as recommended by EN 50155 :
  • EN 61373:2010 cat 1 / class B: Vibration
  • IEC 600682-27: Mechanical shock
3D model:
Outline drawing:
Electrical data
Char. Impedance: 50 OHM
Return loss input port 1: 19 DB
Splitter loss 1: 3 DB
Insertion loss 1: 3,4 DB
Composite power max. 1: 10 W
Mechanical data
Width: 46,0 mm
Height: 26 mm
Depth: 61 mm
Enviromental and general data
Weight: 0,19 kg
Operating temp. min.: -30,0 °C
Operating temp. max.: 75,0 °C
Storage temp. min.: -30,0 °C
Storage temp. max.: 75,0 °C
Transport temp. min.: -30,0 °C
Transport temp. max.: 75,0 °C
2011/65/EC (RoHS): compliant
2006/1907/EC (REACH): compliant
Material data
Housing material: Aluminium
Color/Plating: passivated